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Way beyond my expectations! We love it! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Our home is 82yrs old and needed a new upstairs shower. The bathtub was old and only used to wash our dog.
There was a window that was covered over by a previous owner which I really wanted restored. There was no fan or natural light in there. I was embarrassed whenever visitors came and needed to use the bathroom. It was ummmm…..really ugly!
Now, I leave the bathroom door open for everyone to see.😀 The new shower and window are beautiful. The installation
was quick, but not hurried – way beyond my expectations. We love it!

When shopping for a company to install our shower we initially decided upon 5 companies but stopped at 4 – Lifespan Home Improvements. Your sales person; Eric, was amazing! Not only did he come totally prepared to share, he was also a very good listener. You see, we did our homework as well and had certain things WE wanted. Not just what he had to sell. We felt he had our best interests at hand.
With our desires as his top priority, he created a plan which Lifespan Home Improvements could deliver, that we were happy with. He was confident, but not overbearing. He explained everything in detail – what will happen, when, with who, and how much,etc. He spoke very highly of those who would be doing the installation, as well as those who would come to assess the project, including those in the office who would be in constant contact with us to keep us updated. We could tell he was backed by a good team. How could we say, no? He made himself available by giving us access to him by phone anytime, or by calling the office. We loved the 18months same as cash deal. A no brainer.😉

From sitting down to discuss our plans with Eric, to the final installation with Josh and Brandon and everyone involved in between, it was SMOOTH SAILING all the way through. There were so glitches or mistakes or mishaps. Does this even happen anymore?

Interestingly enough, we received callbacks from two of the companies we received estimates from. One was really surprised by the price we paid. There was no way his company could compete with that. Their costs were almost triple mainly because, according to him, their products were the best so he wanted to give us what we deserve. If we went his route, we would’ve had to renovate our 82yr old house to match the bathroom. Ridiculous! Before that, he insisted we sit through his 30min spiel before he would hear us out. Needless to say, we almost fell asleep during his speech.😠 The other company was also surprised by how much we paid. He said they don’t do showers – just showers alone. We had to have to have a bathtub for it to be worth their time and costs. They also didn’t do windows.

There are no words to express how pleased we are with the new shower and window that Lifespan Home Improvements installed for us. From the ceiling down to the joists and plumbing, they truly delivered EVERYTHING they said they would, along with awesome workers to boot!
You can rest assured knowing they truly are a company of high integrity that works together from the ground up to provide its customers with the best products and experience available. Even other companies are in awe of them. I mean, what more can one say. It doesn’t get any better than that. Perfection at its best!

I highly recommend Lifespan Home Improvements…..Do it so you’ll be glad too.


My dream is now a reality!  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

My dream is now a reality, thanks to Lifespan. In only 3 days they removed the tub & put in a beautiful shower with glass doors that dry spot free! What a surprise! They also replaced the floor, the vanity, the toilet, the mirror and the lights. They kept everything clean & covered, so there was no mess. I was very happy & couldn’t wait to get new accessories & show it off. It was about that time that the Murphy’s Law went into effect, small adjustments had to be made mostly due to manufacturer error. Was I worried when something didn’t work right? No! I know that this was not the kind of company that takes your money & forget about you.  Any problem I had was taken care of within 2-3 days. Companies don’t like to talk about things going wrong. But sometimes there are bumps in the road of life.  You’re going to want someone you can trust to make the road smooth again.  Call Lifespan! I’m glad I did.

Lippert, J

I would absolutely recommend them. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I sent out inquiry on HomeAdvisor.  I called several companies and found Lifespan.  Picked three to come out and give me a quote.  Your Salesperson Deborah made a great impression.  Very businesslike and really on the ball.  I was trying to find some company who would but new showers in both upstairs and down.  The gentleman who did all the work was absolutely great.  He did all the work in two days.  He was kind, courteous and did great work.  I’m very happy with your company and its employees.  I would absolutely recommend them.  Was impressed with your lifetime warrantee also.

Reita Motley

A Letter of Recommendation regarding LIFESPAN ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I had quotes from other companies, but what impressed me the most in my quote from Lifespan Home Improvements was that it also included references, warranties, a copy of their business license and a certificate of insurance. A very up-front and honest approach. We wanted to use a few of our own subcontractors, and unlike the other construction managers, I was told that we could use whomever we wanted and that they would help in any way. This really helped us in the price department, and made us feel that they weren’t out just to make a buck, but also to help us accomplish what we wanted. Here are some of the concerns we had that you may be interested in: • Were they timely? Yes. We were told each day what was going to be accomplished and they completed it. • Did they make a mess? Each day they took the time to clean up their tools and stack them out of the way. • If we had a question or an opinion, were they considerate in working with us? Yes, very much so. Often from construction crews, questions and opinions are thought of as a nuisance. We were never treated with anything but respect. They were able to make ideas work that took the skill of a good carpenter. We appreciated the open-mindedness and willingness to try new things. • Did they go out of the way to do a good job? Yes, we ran into a few problems that did not concern their work, and they went that extra mile to make building this room a pleasure instead of the disaster it could have been. • Would we recommend them to our friends and family? Yes, without a doubt, they did a beautiful job that they can be proud of. Thank you Lifespan! If you are still wondering whether to use Lifespan Sunrooms, feel free to contact us. We are excited and are living proof of a job well done!

Working with every member of the LIFESPAN crew was a pleasant experience. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Dear LIFESPAN Thank you for building our beautiful Four Seasons sun room. We decorated it with relaxation in mind. We get lots of pleasure migrating to it after a busy day, before our day begins, and anytime we want a refuge. Both family and friends have said they share the relaxation experience too. The added bonus of our covered patio provides seclusion from the sun, neighbors and the freeway sights and sounds. It’s been a fun addition to our home that we’ll enjoy for all seasons and years to come. Working with every member of the Lifespan Home Improvements crew was a pleasant experience. Everyone showed us and our home a great deal of respect. We’d gladly work with your company again.
-Sincerely, The McDonald’s

We are recommending LIFESPAN Home Improvements to anyone in the market for a sun room or solarium. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
We have compared numerous sunrooms from various manufacturers and distributors, always looking for a sun room with the same or better quality than Lifespan but at a reasonable price. I had completed initial research on firms and products and found the Lifespan to have the reputation we looked for. We never thought to actually price out a Four Seasons until we met Richard Snyder who priced several models. We were pleasantly surprised by the affordability and versatility of the model ultimately selected. Everyone at Solar Design was very helpful with teaching and explaining everything to my wife in great detail. We appreciated the flexibility of the design crew for special modifications and the construction crew to expand the project to include a “total patio” experience. We were initially concerned with the size/capacity of the natural gas stove, it appeared to be too small for the room, yet during the coldest winter nights (coldest winter in the past 5 years) the room was toasty as ever. We left the door open between the house and the sun room and the natural gas bill was lower than the previous year’s same time period. The room is now the “preferred room” for my wife to sit, relax, read a book, and view her private garden. When we entertain, the sun room is the preferred room of choice by our friends and guests. We are recommending Lifespan and Solar Designs to anyone in the market for a sun room or solarium.

I love my panoramic view and the wonderful feel the sunroom has added to my home. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Dear Lifespan Home Improvements Team, I just wanted to write you a note to say “thank-you” and to tell you how pleased I am with how wonderful my new sunroom turned out. I have always wanted a sun room but never really expected that it would ever happen. When Russ Tychsen first talked to me about the Four Seasons Sunrooms I was impressed with his explanation on the quality of the products but I really thought that I would never be able to actually afford it. I was so pleasantly surprised at how affordable it was and so I went forward with the project. Now I just sit and stare at my new sun room and I can’t believe that it is actually part of my house. I love my panoramic view and the wonderful feel it has added to my home. The room has given me so much joy! My children love to come home and enjoy it with me as well, and I even had my son-in-law text me when they were out of town and said, “We miss your sunroom!” I also want to say how much I appreciate how caring and professional Russ and the install team were with my project. I felt like great care was taken with every detail of the job and I feel you especially went above and beyond by doing extra things that you saw needed to be done in my home that weren’t even part of the job. Being a recent widow, I really appreciated that. Thanks again, Lifespan Home Improvements! I am very glad that I became acquainted with you. I feel like I was treated very honestly and I am so satisfied and happy with the results of my new sunroom.

No hesitation in recommending LIFESPAN Home Improvements to anyone in the market for a sun space. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
In the fall of 2013, we decided that one of our second floor decks would get a great deal more use if we enclosed it with a sunspace. The contrator who had done a major addition/renovation to our house recommended Solar Design/Lifespan and we are extremely happy he did. We have done a great deal of construction in various locales over the years and found Russ Tychsen and his people to be as competent and professional as any builder we’ve employed. They offered intelligent suggestions during the design process that would greatly enhance the feel of the space, and the actual construction, which took place in Alta in January (!), went quickly and smoothly. The quality of the materials used by Lifespan is superb. The coated roof really does filter out a great deal of the noonday sun’s heat and there is no distortion in any of the curved panes. The thermal insulation of the glass, a real issue up here In the mountains in the winter, is remarkable. We opted for the fully wood-clad framing and are 100% delighted with the “Look and feel”. Clearly, we have no hesitation in recommending Lifespan Home Improvements to anyone in the market for a sunspace.

Outstanding Install Team! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
This review is in regard to the work that Lifespan (Solar Design, Inc.) did at our home in the spring of 2014. We had them build a 20×20 year-round sunroom onto our house, located on Creek Road in Cottonwood Heights. Understand that our home, originally built in 1927, did not have a lot of windows and was not built to any specific building standard. Their crew had to fit this onto our home and goal was for it to look “natural”. The end result is what someone called a “big-ass sunroom” that is our full-time living room with a flat-screen and river rock fireplace. We couldn’t be happier. They matched the shingles and siding to make it look like a part of the original house. Their team was outstanding! Carl was the lead and his crew was definitely their “A” team. Once the foundation/floor was done, they had the room up and roofed in one week! They were accommodating to our requests and left the jobsite each day “broom-clean”. We had them do sheetrock and textured walls to match the rest of our home. The vaulted ceiling is almost 12 feet. It is the end of July and we haven’t had to run the new heat pump. We have a swamp cooler and with our ceiling fan the room stays very comfortable. It is the perfect “sleep-over” room for the granddaughters. The price they quoted us was what we paid, nothing more. I would highly recommend Russ and his team for your room expansion. You will be very pleased.

If you want a contractor who will work with you, this is the company. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
We had our upper deck transformed into a sun room by Lifespan. Working with Russ, we came up with a plan that would make the sunroom look like part of the house. It came out beautifully, better than I had hoped for. Any issues that came up during construction was addressed by Russ and handled very satisfactory. He followed up with every detail and kept in good communication. Russ was easy and fun to work with, and came with a lot of experience and knowledge of construction and design. As a result, we had him redo our existing deck, which also came out very nice.

Looks like it is part of our original house! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
We are pleased to tell you how much we are enjoying our new sunroom. We were looking to increase the area by our kitchen and family room and decided that a sunroom addition would do that. We compared a few companies and decided that Solar Design had the expertise we wanted. Thank you for working with us to make the design changes we wanted. Our house is over thirty years old and we are not in the construction business. Finding a roofer, brick mason and cement contractor was not something we wanted to do. Solar Design provided excellent workmen for each of the areas we were concerned about. The construction contractors were extremely capable. Carl, Solar Design’s main workman on our job; is an expert craftsman. We were very pleased with his work. He even suggested putting the television cable on the outside of our house inside the walls of the sunroom. One of our main concerns was that we wanted the sunroom to look as if it were part of the house originally. Since the sunroom would be installed where the porch had been, and we would be losing out outdoor space, we also needed a patio. The sunroom addition does look as if it has always been part of the house. This opinion was affirmed when a neighbor who lived down the street and her husband were walking on the trail that runs behind our pasture. She told him that it was an addition and he remarked he did not think so because it looked the same as the house. When she asked, we told her she was right. Now we enjoy a 180-degree view of our horses and pasture, the walking/biking trail behind it, and the mountains as we relax in our new sunroom. We are very satisfied with the design, quality and service we received from Solar Design. Thank you for creating this beautiful space!

Because a room is a feeling… ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
There is a room in the back of the house where I can go to read the newspaper or a book, write a letter, or do absolutely nothing but settle into my overstuffed chair and think about how wonderful nothing really is. I can’t hear the phone ringing nor the lyrics from a track on a tired CD my daughter plays tirelessly on the stereo. There is no television set, computer, PlayStation®, or Nintendo®. There is only my chair, often a newspaper or book, and a pad of writing paper that complements the solace I seek in my quiet space. My life is no different outside of the room in the back of the house, but once inside I am sheltered from a busy world, able to reflect upon how lucky I truly am.

Excellent job. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Installers were on time and did a great job on both of the bathrooms.

“Working with every member of the LIFESPAN crew was a pleasant experience.”

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“Had an old deck and decided to go with life span home improvements. They came out and designed a new deck, railing and a patio cover with roller screen shades. They did excellent work. Very clean, showed up on time and finished on time. I would recommend this company to anyone that is in the market for a deck and patio cover.”

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