Jacuzzi Bathtubs Installed for Homeowners in St. George, UT

An old or worn bathtub can detract from your bathroom’s appearance, as anyone who has had a chipped or flaking tub can attest. You try your best to ignore it, but every now and then the unsightliness gets to you. After all, who doesn’t want their bathrooms to be bright and clean? Old tubs can be hard to clean properly, sometimes requiring aggressive scrubbing to get rid of mold and bacteria. If you’re a St. George, Utah, homeowner who has been there and done that, and you’re ready for an affordable yet luxurious solution, consider a bathtub replacement from Lifespan Home Improvements. We install Jacuzzi® bathtubs widely celebrated for their outstanding hydrotherapy jets and classic looks that can enliven the look and feel of a space.

Traditional & Walk-In Models

At Lifespan, we offer gorgeous classic jetted tubs and luxurious walk-in jetted tubs from Jacuzzi, a leading name in the industry. Our classic jetted tubs feature hydrotherapy jets that stimulate the body for an invigorating and therapeutic bathing experience. Our walk-in tubs feature hydrotherapy jets as well, but they also have a low-entry threshold, which makes bathing safer for people with mobility limitations. Whichever tub option best fits your needs, its hydrotherapy jets will work the same to relieve soreness in muscles and joints and improve circulation.

Additionally, these bathtubs are made of 100% durable acrylic, which resists fading, cracking, and staining. They also feature Silver Shield™ anti-microbial protection from bacteria and mold. In short, these tubs are exceptionally easy to clean.

Bathtub Replacement Services That Meet Your Needs

At Lifespan, we’re committed to offering bathtub replacement service that meets your needs and surpasses your expectations. To that end, we offer free consultations to homeowners throughout St. George, Utah. Contact Lifespan Home Improvements today to set up a consultation regarding the Jacuzzi bathtubs we install.

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