Bay Windows

Known for creating an exceptional focal point, bay windows are unique because they extend beyond the exterior of your home and add an interesting architectural element to any room. The structure consists of a large picture window in the center flanked by smaller windows on both sides. These smaller windows can range in size and type, with popular choices like double hung, casement or fixed. Because of the multi-piece design, our American-made bay windows are easily customizable and can meet any Salt Lake Valley homeowner’s specific style and aesthetic preferences.

Depending on your choice of windows, operation styles can vary. As the windows extend beyond your home’s wall, a ledge area or bay seat is created allowing for additional seating or decorative purposes. No matter what style bay windows you choose, our window installation team can ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy your brand new bay windows for many years to come.

Utah Bay Windows

In addition to their undeniable beauty and appeal, installing bay windows in your Utah home also provides a host of additional benefits as well. Bay windows create a convenient ledge for seating or décor, a dramatic, unobstructed view from the center picture window and often feature energy-efficient construction and installation. Plus, you can also opt for operable flanking windows, which allow ventilation and are a great way to bring clean, outdoor air inside.

The versatility and attractive design of this replacement window option makes it the perfect statement piece and allows you and guests to take in a great view while also accenting the front of your home. Bring your view in, soak up the sunsets of the Valley, and enjoy Utah views from the comfort of your own home. Bay windows are commonly featured in kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms and dens; however, they can accent nearly any room of your home.

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