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BathWraps Murray UTWhen it comes to high-quality yet affordable bathtubs and showers, BathWraps is a name well-familiar to everyone in the home improvement community. Featuring durable materials and numerous customization options, one of these tubs or showers can breathe fresh new life into your bathroom without requiring you to invest in a full floor-to-ceiling remodel. If you own a home in the Murray, Utah, area, and are interested in updating a bathroom with a gorgeous BathWraps tub or shower, turn to Lifespan Home Improvements, a division of Solar Design, Inc.

What Makes these Tubs & Showers So Special?

BathWraps bathtubs and showers are made with a 100 percent acrylic material that is strong enough to last for years on end and is super easy to clean. A simple wash with soap and water is all your new tub or shower will need to maintain its like-new appearance — you can say goodbye to heavy scrubbing for good!

Additionally, when you partner with Lifespan, we’ll help you navigate the numerous customization options so you can find the perfect new look for your bathroom. You’ll be able to choose from attractive wall surrounds and accent panels, as well as your choice of hardware and accessories, such as recessed shelving.

Safe-Bathing Options for Homeowners in Need

In addition to quality and customizability, one other reason why we enjoy installing BathWraps products is that there are options for homeowners who are disabled or have mobility limitations. For instance, we can install a shower with a low step-in threshold or a walk-in tub to make entering and exiting the bathing space easier and safer.

At Lifespan, we are the exclusive provider of BathWraps products in the Murray, UT, area. As such, we are your go-to source for these industry-leading bathtubs and showers. To learn more, contact Lifespan today.

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