BathWraps™ Acrylic Showers Taylorsville UtahRevamp Your Taylorsville, Utah, Bathroom with Our BathWraps™ Acrylic Showers

Many people wish that they could inject some new life into their tired, old bathrooms, but can’t stomach the time it would take to get the room renovated. Others wish that they could afford a bathroom remodel, but worry that the costs will be too high. Thankfully, BathWraps™ acrylic showers offer a solution to both of these problems.

Homeowners in Taylorsville, Utah can turn to the pros at Lifespan Home Improvements, a division of Solar Design, Inc., for modern, new shower spaces that will turn their bathroom into an oasis. As the exclusive dealer for BathWraps™ in Taylorsville, we have the expertise to help transform your shower into an amazing new space that you’ll be happy to utilize.

Why Homeowners Choose BathWraps™ Acrylic Showers

BathWraps™ specializes in custom-manufactured shower pans and surrounds that remodel your shower area completely. Not only will your shower and entire bathroom feel brand new, but there are many other benefits offered by BathWraps™, including:

Speedy Installation

A typical bathroom renovation can easily take months, but not BathWraps™. Our crew of talented installers can have your BathWraps™ acrylic showers installed in as little as one day after having your new surround manufactured. That means less time being without your shower.

Easy Ownership

Caring for BathWraps™ acrylic showers couldn’t be easier. The special acrylic material is incredibly easy to maintain and clean. With their special Silver Shield™ treatment, BathWraps™ acrylic showers are even anti-microbial to resist bascteria, mold, and mildew growth. Plus, they’re guaranteed to never crack or fade for as long as you own your home.


With BathWraps™ acrylic showers, you’re basically getting an entirely new wet area. That means that you’ll have options to make your shower walls any color, stone pattern, or simulated tile pattern that you desire. You can also add many convenient features like corner organizers, built-in seats, and grab bars.

The Trusted Local Pros in Taylorsville, Utah, for BathWraps™ Acrylic Showers

If you’re interested in breathing new life into your Taylorsville bathroom, turn to Lifespan Home Improvements. Our team can help you plan your shower renovation and have it installed quicker than you might realize. To find out more or to chat with a BathWraps™ expert, contact us today.

“Working with every member of the LIFESPAN crew was a pleasant experience.”

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“Blatantly fantastic! James really knew what he was doing. The completed project was even better than I had imagined and seems to be quite sturdy. It is such an improvement that I'm going to do the exact same thing to my other bathroom!”

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